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1.-Do I have to pay anything else, beside the prices shown on your website?
No, our prices are FULLY INCLUSIVE:

  • Insurance
  • Unlimited Millage
  • All extra drivers
  • Extras like: Baby Seats, Roof Racks, etc.

Except Fuel - when picking up your car you pay the amount of a full tank of petrol

2.-Can you deliver my car at places other then your office or airports?
Yes, we'll deliver your car for FREE, within the limits of the car hirer companies (maximum of 10 kilometres from any of their offices) and a minimum of 3 days hire.

3.-How will I find my car if my flight arrives late at night or delayed ?
If you provide us with your arrival times and if possible your flight N†, there will be an employee waiting for you on your arrival - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! 

4.-What do I need to hire a car?
You need to be in possession of a valid driving licence with three years minimum standing. The minimum age of the hirer must be 23 years.

5.-Can all the members of my family (or my friends) drive our hired car?
No, Only those drivers specified on the contract may drive your hired car.

6.-Can I push or tow other vehicles?
No, you can not use the vehicle to push or tow other vehicles.

7.-What will I do if my car breaks down?
All cars are new and replaced after 6 month of use. Should any failure occur, you can call the hire company and they will solve the problem as fast as possible!

8.-Do your cars have air conditioning?
Almost all models include air conditioning. You can look at our online quotation system to see all the included specification for all models.

9.-Can I make a reservation for a specific car (e.g. Ford Ka)?
No, we can't accept reservations for specific models, we always confirm the reservation for a Type/Group of cars. This means a group of cars with similar specifications.

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